Slide Home page banner image Family Health Project Poverty is unacceptable. Poverty can be eradicated.

Introducing Family Health Project

Believing that poverty is the fault of the poor settles us. Our responsibility to others can stay safely hidden as long as poverty is their fault and so dealing with it is by implication up to them. Poverty is not the fault of the poor. A sudden crisis in housing or health or home front, or lack of community resources, or the piling up of difficulties cause—and sustain—poverty.

Poverty happens to people, not the other way around.

Challenging our assumptions

We know the stories about people breaking through and overcoming poor beginnings. We love those stories and we cling to them. The stories are real and they are rare. We want to believe that we live in a world where overcoming poverty is always possible and that grit and determination and skill and hard work are all that is needed.

Perhaps with the unsettling force of the pandemic, we may now revisit and challenge our assumptions about poverty in America and begin to understand our neighbors who are living in poverty. Perhaps we can see that poverty is not a lack of motivation or intelligence or work ethic or integrity; poverty is a lack of money.

Building our program

Family Health Project seeks to build on a simple idea, that providing reliable funds to those of us who need them most will have outsized benefits for those who receive them and for those around them. Family Health Project provides new mothers and their babies with reliable, unconditional funds monthly for three years.

We are amateurs in this field and so are deeply grateful for those who have chosen to participate with us. We will seek to expand our program, honing and improving it as we go. We hope to advance new and innovative thinking in the developing field of Universal Basic Income.

Keeping in touch

With Family Health Project, we see the promise of resilience and courage, the possibility of faithfulness and hope in each and every one of us. We ask for your support, with gratitude and with equity and respect for those of us in need.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you as we progress.