Slide Supporting healthy families' beginning. About Family Health Project

A Universal Basic Income is one scalable solution.

Almost 1 in 5 children in America live in families with incomes below the poverty line. Growing up in poverty increases exposure to factors that can significantly impair child brain development and lead to poor health outcomes.

Family Health Project has undertaken a simple, replicable program to help new mothers and their babies facing life without enough money.

Family Health Project will provide new mothers $400 each month for 36 months, through use of a debit card. Money will be provided without condition. Participants will be referred into the program by federally qualified community health centers. Funds will be managed and distributed through a corporate debit card partner. Participant onboarding and ongoing support services will be provided by an independent social services firm.

Family Health Project, an independent 501(c)3 organization, is funded solely by private philanthropists.

Family Health Project’s initial program launched this spring in collaboration with Lynn (MA) Community Health Center, with 15 families participating.

Family Health Project’s goal is to help prove the benefits that accrue to families from funds made available predictably and without condition over the first three years of a child’s life. With our initial pilot programs, we hope to demonstrate the scale-ability of this simple, reliable service delivery system.

How the program works

Modeled after the pathbreaking study, Baby’s First Years, the Family Health Project has 4 elements:

    • Referrals: A Federally Qualified Health Center refers participants to us,
    • Money transfer: $400 is sent to mothers via a debit card every month,
    • Support: An independent social service firm provides ongoing support,
    • Funding: The project is funded solely by gifts from individuals.